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We are in the process of making a “virtual photo tour” as well as a “video walkthrough” for every model that we build. We keep it light and fun (maybe cheesy?) as we walk you through each model.

Check back as we add to this page.

We also have a YouTube channel called “Well-Built Home” where we teach you what to look for in a home. Before you invest that hard earned cash, be sure that it will hold its value long-term by getting educated. We hope our videos help.

Well Built Home

For tiny back yards.

The Mighty Fraser is by far our smallest home. And when we say home, we really do mean it. It’s up to you whether you think you could make it your home, but since it’s A277 certified and meets all your local building codes and energy efficiency requirements, it really is a home. It could also work as a studio or office! It’s also tiny, so if you have a tiny backyard, the Mighty Fraser could be your answer.

This is The Denman and The Denman is unique – it’s absolute simplicity.  All one level, no lofts, no ladders, no stairs, no ducking, no contorting.  Just simple open space.  The price is simple too.  It’s all here. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.  Want more?  No problem.  Add more.  Build yourself a Denman the way you want for the price you want.

Functional two bedroom living space

In this video, we are introduced to “The Pender.”
Stephan walks us through this RV and shows us what makes “The Pender” feel like a regular home. From beautiful Newcastle cabinets to a master bedroom with a full-sized closet and room for a queen sized bed, to the A/C heat pump that keeps you comfortable all four seasons, “The Pender” is an incredible blend of spaciousness, attention to detail, and beautiful craftsmanship.

Prioritizing Living Space

Stephan and Andrea introduce us to the new 30 foot design – the Hornby.  This new tiny house was designed to prioritizing functional living space, beautiful kitchen, all the appliances, cozy bedroom and a full bathroom.  Take a look at this Well Built video which introduces us to the Hornby!

The CYPRESS - An innovative floor plan that capitalizes on space!

Check out our latest Well Built Tiny Home video as Stephan and Andrea take you on a guided tour of our most amazing tiny home to date—The Cypress. This beautifully crafted tiny home is not so tiny. It has two bedrooms, a loft and can comfortably sleep up to six.

The CORTES - 2 Bedroom Tiny Home Tour

This is a game changer. A 2 bedroom RV rated Tiny Home that feels and functions like a house, is reasonably priced, and won’t deteriorate on you—-no maintenance. Wow! Take the tour!!

What type of tiny home should I buy?

A277… Z241…. Z240-RV… Did you know that a “Tiny Home” isn’t any specific type of home?  This video explains the types of tiny homes you can buy – and what you should be thinking about when you are looking for a tiny home! 

Where Can I Put
A Tiny Home?

Check out this video as we break down the cost of a well built tiny home!

Behind the Scenes

Shop Tour!

Our shop is located in Chilliwack, BC.  Have a look around as Stephan Kingma (owner) shows you how we keep the shop running smoothly!

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