About Rover Tiny Homes

A construction family with a lot of history. We work hard and play hard!

Rover Tiny Homes aims to offer its clients the opportunity to purchase a home that is small and yet luxurious. Mobile home manufacturers use materials and construction methods that are less than desirable in order to keep their costs and prices low. Rover Tiny Homes offers a new perspective on tiny homes, offering our clients the opportunity to purchase a home that is small, but that is supremely built, maintenance free and can be owned with a sense of pride.

meet the team

Meet the Family & the team

Dan Kingma

He’s the oldest brother with the best beard. Dan has loads of experience in building houses and brings years of experience in land-use knowledge to the team. Dan takes our projects through the planning process and works closely with various city and municipal engineering departments.

Stephan Kingma

With 25 years of construction experience, Stephan has a way of making you feel like everything is right in the world. He keeps the company focused, goal oriented and efficient. Plus, to know him is to love him. Oh, and just a heads up…He’s tall!

Luke Kingma

He’s the nicest brother. We mean it. He’s really nice. He also runs the shop that builds our tiny homes. Luke has experience in landscaping, home building, and, well, just about everything. He’ll make sure that your home is something you’ll brag about.

Andrea Bravo (Kingma)

Andrea is the multi-talented sister to all the brothers. What can we say? She just shines. Andrea is a licensed and experienced real estate agent, and makes your purchase a fun and simple experience.

David Arsenault

David is our architect. He’ll design your tiny home to meet any of the CSA standards. A native Maritimer, he and his wife moved to Chilliwack in 2010. He makes sure that all our units are CSA approved and comply with the highest building standards in the industry.
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