Garden Suites

Need a garden suite, laneway home, carriage house or cottage? Call it what you want, Rover can build what you need.
Welcome to our new line of garden suites!
With interest rates doing what they’re doing, it’s become obvious that creative housing solutions are the way of the future.  Small yard?  Not a problem.  Limited funds?  Check out our prices.  The best part is that the solution is both beautiful, and will stand the test of time.
The Garden Suites collection features three designs. 
Meet The Mighty Fraser, The Harrison, and The Clearwater!

The Mighty Fraser

The Mighty Fraser is built for very small backyards.

The Mighty Fraser is by far our smallest and least expensive home.  And when we say home, we really do mean it.  It’s up to
you whether you think you could make it your home, but since it’s A277 certified and meets all your local building codes and energy efficiency requirements, it really is a home.   It’s also tiny, so if you have a tiny backyard, the Mighty Fraser could be your answer.

              How did we keep costs down?  Well, we moved away from using only the best products, to only using good products. 
Vinyl siding, asphalt roof, modular cabinets, fiber floor (linoleum) and
birch plywood interior all contribute to speeding up the build process and lowering that baseline price.

              Whether it’s used as a cottage or backyard suite, the Mighty Fraser welcomes you home.

The Harrison

The Harrison is built for small backyards.

Maybe your backyard is pretty tiny, but not thaaat tiny.  The Harrison is similar in many ways to it’s little sister but gives you a little bit of extra space.  It is nice to have a separate bedroom.  Especially if there are two of you on different schedules.

              Cost savings on this sweetheart are possible using the same construction methods as the Mighty Fraser.  It will still last many years, just like a house, but it’s just not that fancy.  Did we just say it’s not that fancy?  Yes, we did.

The Harrison Floor Layout

The Clearwater

The Clearwater is built for backyards that are somewhat small, but not that small.

              The Clearwater isn’t really that tiny.  It is compared to a regular house, but compared to a lot of the A277 homes on the market, it’s no longer in the category of really tiny.  The reason we think the world needs the Clearwater is again, because of price.  The Woodside is a similar size to the Clearwater, but the Clearwater has the same finishes as the Mighty Fraser and the Harrison.

              Owning a tiny home company requires a lot of traveling and staying in Hotels, and one day, in Victoria, we stumbled across a room layout that really stood out.  Within days, the Clearwater design was born.  A large great room, functional galley kitchen, full size bathroom and a regular size bedroom with a closet and work station are all showcased well in this design.  Add a high ceiling and this is a padwhere you could spend some serious time.

The Clearwater
The Clearwater Floor Layout

Have a look around!

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