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 Tiny Homes Bc 

Certified to the standard that suits you best.

Four season living anywhere in BC.

Built locally by experienced trades with decades of experience. 

RV Tiny Homes: Named after local islands and built to deliver.

RV Tiny Homes

Four season living, even in an R.V.

Rover is one of the only Tiny Home builders using slides for extra square footage.

Built as close as possible to BC building code so you can stay comfortable all year!


Need a garden suite, laneway home, carriage house or cottage?
Call it what you want, Rover can build what you need.

Garden Suites

With interest rates doing what they’re doing, it’s become obvious that creative housing solutions are the way forward. Small yard? Not a problem. Limited funds? Check out our prices. The best part is that the solution is both beautiful, and will stand the test of time.

The Garden Suites collection features three designs.

meet the team
25+ Years of Building Custom Homes as a Family Owned Business

Tiny Home Company

One thing about working with family, is that you may not always get along, but you never seem to be surprised. Rover is owned and operated by four siblings who get along at least 95% of the time, and the other 5% is no surprise.  Joking aside, working with family means working with people who have been raised with the same work ethic and morals. Our parents are proud of us, and we work hard to maintain our great family name. 

Have a Peek at Some of Our Current Projects and Partnerships

Custom Tiny Home Projects

There are many reasons to team up with other business owners. Sometimes a beautiful piece of land needs several Tiny Homes that nature lovers can rent and enjoy. Other times there may be a need for affordable housing on rental pads, but there is still a desire for pride of ownership. Whatever the individual need may be, Rover can custom build orders of 4 homes or more and tailor them to the needs of your project. Contact us for more details.

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